Frozen Rainbow cake


Did you spot the rainbow cake I made for Ruby last April? (blog post with recipe on here) Well here is my second attempt at a rainbow cake. Made and scoffed last weekend.

Rosie asked me to make her a rainbow cake for her party last weekend. She also wanted it to be a Frozen (sigh) cake.

I followed my last recipe but just stuck to blues/greens for the sponge colouring.

Rosie helped me decorate it with sweets and little Frozen figures, and we finished it off by spraying it with edible silver glitter.

Even though these cakes are quite time consuming to make, I do think the result and enjoyment from eating them makes the extra effort worth while!

Have you made one yet? Please share links to your rainbow cakes here. I’d love to have look.

Happy baking! X



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Photographer and artist. Living in Yorkshire.
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