About us

A little bit about us…
I’m a mummy to two little girls: Rosie who’s two & Ruby who’s new! I’ve been a creative portrait photographer since 2004, and at the moment I’m mostly a full time mummy, enjoying the challenges and rewards of family life in the beautiful Yorkshire countryside. (UK)

We are always discovering things that inspire and help us along our journey as a family and I’ve decided to create this blog to share all the things that we love. From gadgets & skin care to crafts, clothes and services.
If you would like me to review something please email me at info at gemmaleak dot co.uk
(I will only review something if we do actually love it! … After all this blog is called ..’Rosie & Ruby love! …)

All the photographs I will use on here will be taken by me (copyright to Gemma Leak Photography ltd)

4 Responses to About us

  1. Since I’m expecting my second little one in November, it’s fun to read about moms with two little ones! Great ideas!

  2. Katy says:

    Hi Gemma

    Congratulations on becoming a parent since we last spoke! My family (Sidney’s & Alton’s) had a great family photography session with you a really long time ago in Northallerton. Now I am getting married in 2017 and wanted to get in touch to see if you are still in the area? It would be lovely to hear from you. Best wishes, Katy

    • Hi Katy
      Thank you for the message.
      Congratulations on your exciting news!
      I’m afraid I’m not available for bookings at the moment. I can highly recommend Katy Melling for weddings though.
      Best wishes

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