Being present in the moment

Recently I’ve been making small but significant changes in my life .. The main one being – leaving my phone alone more.

When my little Ruby said to me one day ‘No phone mummy’ as she tried to pass me something – it made my heart sink. I don’t want to be someone that ignores moments in the real world for random pointless scrolling through timelines in social media.

I don’t want my girls drawing me holding my mobile phone and I don’t want them to think my phone is more important to me than being present in the moment with them.

I think it’s really sad how many kids/adults you see staring at their phones everywhere they go, never really engaging with the real world and the people around them. Never looking up and just breathing in their surroundings, smiling at strangers and noticing the details and beauty around them.

What matters to me is my children, my husband, my friends, my family. Being present with them, looking in to their eyes, talking face to face, smiling, hugging, kissing, laughing, crying – sharing real emotions – not just emoticons 😁😳😂👌

I’m starting to get messages from friends worrying what’s wrong with me, as my vacantness on facebook is strange to them. The truth is I’m feeling happier and more connected with what’s important to me – enjoying the real world and all the things I treasure in it.

Don’t get me wrong – I do still use my phone and social media but mainly at the moment I use it to take photos and tweak them on Instagram. I’m not taking photos for anyone else’s appraisal, they are for me, as a visual diary of memories. (That’s why my Instagram is now set to private)

Facebook is a great and quick way for me to quickly catch up with friends and connect with people but I try not to linger and scroll and scroll and get absorbed like I used to. I did try quitting facecrack once before but this lasted an hilariously long 15 hours or so!!

Those of you who know me, know I’m a creative person, a photographer, an artist. I love seeing beauty in the things around me.  I’ve starting drawing again, writing stories for my girls and baking more.

Why do I write on this blog? .. I’m not entirely sure!  I write my posts usually early in the morning (between 5am & 6am) and like now – when I’m pinned to the sofa with a sleeping cubby on me.

I created this blog nearly two years ago when Ruby was born. It was somewhere I could ramble on and post photos, ideas and my food art pictures! Often writing in the middle of the night during the marathon boobing sessions!  I’m not blogging much at the moment but hopefully you’ll understand why now.

imageHave you tried being more present in the moment? Would love to hear your stories too.

Thanks for reading! X



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Photographer and artist. Living in Yorkshire.
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3 Responses to Being present in the moment

  1. CG says:

    Sooo pleased for you 🙂 do miss the gorgeous pics of your cubs though when pinned to sofa/bed/hanging out in the car at nap time…like now! xxx

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