Morning moan ..

Ok .. I promise to not be long .. But I need just a little moan this morning.

So today I am grumpy. Yep.. Mrs grump face. This mornings activities have been quite typical for me for a long time.

2am – large child wakes screaming that she’s not tired. I stumble to her room. Takes a while to get her to settle.

3am – small child wakes crying in her cot next to me – having a nightmare. I comfort her. Now Shhhhhh …

3.30am – hubby starts snoring loudly … I try and find ear plugs in the bedside draw .. Quietly.

4.20am – small child sits up and demands cuddles. She gets in bed with me, well on me actually with her head squished as tight as possible in to my throat. I can’t breath but she doesn’t mind. She’s happy.

4.30am – Small child starts kissing my arm and rolls off me on to the bed. But she doesn’t want me to touch her now – even though she’s falling off the bed.

4.35am – small child wants to climb back on me. She kisses me then bites me a bit.

4.50am – I think small child is asleep. Hubby definitely is – loudly.

5.10am – small child frets in her sleep about something she’s sharing with her sister. She now wants to sleep cuddling my arm. I’m not allowed to touch her though, or move, or breath.

5.20am – I hear large child whimpering .. Again

5.30am ‘Get uurrrp mama’ loud loud shouting – right in my ear.

I get up. I scrabble around for warm things. Carry small child in to the lounge. She demands juice. I get her one. She demands her rabbit program on the tv. I turn to on … It’s ‘too bright mama’. Cries a bit.

5.35am – I pop kettle on .. Need tea or I may just keel over.

5.37am – ‘fooood’ demands small child. I fetch food. And feed cats.

5.45am. Small child’s cold- I fetch blankets. She’s now hungry again .. I fetch more food.

I sit for 5 mins with tea – I’m happy.

5.50am – small child wants her sleeves rolling up. I roll them up. Now she’s got cold arms. She demands I make them warm … Omg.

6am – large child wakes up. I fetch her. She’s cold, she’s thirsty. She wants her socks, she needs food, she wants her program on. She wants to know ‘Is it morning?’

‘no it’s not’ I answer.

Then every 5 mins since then I’m getting more demands .. And more grumpy. It’s now 6.45am.

Is it bed time yet?



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Photographer and artist. Living in Yorkshire.
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1 Response to Morning moan ..

  1. Kelly says:

    Oh this could be me 😭 Except my smallest isn’t talking yet. Goodness knows what I’ll do when he is! Hope you get some rest today x

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