Sleep deprivation inspiration!

Gemma leak photography

Two weeks ago I became a mummy to my second daughter Ruby, she is the perfect snuggly, scrumptious addition to our little family.

It’s amazing how your heart can love these little people so much so quickly.  I was unsure how there’d be room to feel the same for another as I do for my two year old daughter Rosie (and hubby of course) .. but I do! The heart is an amazing thing, although it feels it could burst sometimes – it’s a wonderful feeling.

Our little family is now complete (my two naughty cats are also nudging me to be included in this statement) and I am so excited for the future and all the experiences to come.
I love being a mummy and feel this is what I was always meant to be … I’m not saying I’m a perfect parent (I don’t think there is such a thing), I just feel I’ve found what makes me truly happy. It’s crazy how much I’m constantly learning from my children, they have taught me so much about myself and life. I’m not quite sure I can remember what I used to think about before I became a Mum!

Sleep deprivation inspiration …
As any new parent will know and probably agree one of the hardest parts of having a new baby is the sleep deprivation. Waking up every hour or two throughout the night is tough! I’m thankful for the gadgets I have to keep me company through night feeds – my iPhone, kindle & iPad are my night time friends. (Along with a secret stash of delicious chocolate & a little Rescue remedy!)
Something new and exciting came in to my mind during a night feed last week, through a sleepy haze my creative mind starting working overtime and I decided I would start a blog about all the things that my daughters and I love… Things that have been so useful to us on our family journey that I want to share with others.
It’s the perfect way to keep the creative side of me happy (and my camera clear of cobwebs!) oh yes! I forgot to mention the other job I love in my life is being a photographer. I’ve been running my own portrait photography business since 2005 ( 

 My aim is to try and fill this blog with lovely images ( most will probably feature my girls!) and I can’t wait to get started!

I don’t claim to be any good at writing (I’m probably quite the opposite) but I enjoy it and I feel that’s all that counts! My writing style is honest and at times clumsy and a bit scattered about .. A bit like the rest of me really (I am a Gemini after all)

I will often be writing these posts with one hand whilst rocking my baby Ruby or cuddling Rosie on my knee … Or any number of different mummy tasks throughout the day.

Right now I’m writing this post with little Ruby gurgling and cooing away on my shoulder. Such beautiful noises that I’m treasuring as I know how soon these moments pass.

I look forward to sharing much more with you .. And I hope you will share your stories and experiences back with me too.

Thanks for reading the first post on ‘Rosie & Ruby love …’

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