We love Tado!


Today I just want to share a bit of love for my friends at Tado.


I want to do a huge ‘thank you’ shout out for the fab Mathmos / Tado light that they sent as a brilliant gift for Rosie.  She absolutely loves it, and as you can see from the photos, she really enjoyed customising the light (so did her Daddy!)

Katie and Mike are friends of mine from University and they are now the creative genius’s that form Tado.  It was obvious to me that Mike and Katie would go on from Uni to do amazing things, they were super hard workers and they just ooze talent!  Not only are they both mega creative they are also lovely people and I’m really proud to know them.  Their portfolio is incredible, please do check it out.


Thanks again to Mike and Katie for the brilliant gift. Rosie sends a high five and a squeeze to you both.  Here’s a series of photo’s showing Rosie and her daddy having fun with the new funky light.

E42A7794 E42A7799 E42A7802 E42A7805 E42A7815 E42A7820 E42A7826 E42A7842 E42A7845 E42A7856 E42A7859

The Tado online shop is really cool too. Loads of ace bits and bobs – including cushions, prints, wall art and bags. I want to order it all!

If you have a minute please check out their blog and facebook page too.



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