The West Yorkshire Sling Library

I love carrying my babies but until this morning I really didn’t have much knowledge about any of the different slings, wraps and carriers available.

With Rosie I just stuck with my Hana sling (which I still use and love using with Ruby) but I decided I’d like to see what other options would suit our needs too.

This morning I visited Nicola at The West Yorkshire Sling Library for a private consultation.

Nicola was fantastic, she was welcoming, informative and super helpful.

To start with Nicola showed me how to get more out of my current sling – teaching me quite a few tips that I’ve already used whilst wearing my sling since our appointment!

Nicola really listened to my needs and requirements and demonstrated several carriers that she thought could work for me. She helped me try on different ones with Ruby and made sure I knew how to use them correctly.

I came away with two rental carriers to try for two weeks – one for Ruby and one for Rosie. I’ve really wanted to carry Rosie on many occasions and I feel quite excited to try this new way of carrying her around. Since having Ruby, Rosie has wanted me to carry her more too ( I did expect this would happen) and hopefully she’ll like it in a carrier and I’ll save putting unnecessary strains on my back.

Hopefully my husband will also like using the rental carriers on our first little holiday adventure as a family of four next week.

If you are thinking about trying carriers for your children I would highly recommend visiting The West Yorkshire Sling Library. Nicola is a real fountain of knowledge and I wish I’d been to see her sooner!

Nicola has hundreds of slings, wraps and carriers to hire out and her service is really affordable. She also runs a drop in centre and offers different services to meet different needs and budgets.

I also need to mention that baby Ruby was being quite demanding throughout the 1.5hr session (she needed 3 nappy changes and two feeds!) but this didn’t matter at all to Nicola’s service, she worked around us and even helped with an emergency nappy requirement ( and I learnt a few tips about cloth nappies from her in the process too!)

So to sum this up … The West Yorkshire Sling Library gets a massive thumbs up from me and I’ll be back to visit again soon.

Ooooh one more thing! Nicola also sells consultation gift vouchers which I think would be a great gift for any new parent or as a baby shower gift. I’ve often thought of buying a sling as a gift but as there are so many types available and also different people prefer different styles then I feel a consultation gift voucher would be much better idea as a gift.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Natalie Hammond says:

    I’ve found a Sheffield and a Chesterfield sling library yey! Once baby is here, will get investigating!

  2. Reblogged this on The West Yorkshire Sling Library and commented:
    A lovely review from Gemma at Rosie and Ruby Love

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