The fabulous cheeky wipes – face and hand kit review

cheeky wipes

In June I received a cheeky wipes face and hand kit to review.  As you can see I’m a little late in getting a review up about it, but perhaps that’s a good thing as it’s given me plenty of time to use the product in every day life!

Over the last two months I have used the wipes every day and I think they are brilliant.  Rosie loves them and finds all kinds of excuses to get her hands on them.  She seems to enjoy the feel of them on her skin, and I often find her wanting to clean me and her baby sister with them too!



Rosie also loves to help me refill the box with the water, drops of oil and fresh wipes.


They are so simple to make and use.  Pop water in the tub (up to the fill line) Add 5 or 6 drops of the essential oil that comes with the kit, then pop the super soft colourful wipes in to the tub and give them a good squish and squeeze and voila! Beautiful, soft and ready to use.


I store the dirty wipes in the ‘dirty’ bag provided and then wash all the wipes every few days with a normal load of laundry. Popping them straight out of the washing machine in to the fresh tub again. Easy peesy!


The wipes are super refreshing at the moment in this humid sticky weather. They can remove the most stubborn gunk from Rosie’s face and fingers and are especially great at getting lolly pop sticky goo off too.

I am a massive fan of the fabulous Cheeky wipes and have used the bottom wipe kits for both of my daughters. I can honestly say I am now addicted to the face and hand kit too!

Now … I may even give the sanitary pad kits a go too!

If you have children you will love these wipes.  Check out the great special offers on the website at the moment too.

Thanks for reading … wishing you all some happy wiping!


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