20 Newborn Baby Gift ideas

I’ve been asked a few times recently: What is a good gift idea for a new baby or new parent?

As my baby Ruby is 15 weeks old now I feel this is a good time for me to be able to compile a little list of things I think are brilliant and thoughtful gifts.

1- Food
Do not underestimate how much new parents would appreciate receiving a healthy home cooked meal (ready to pop in the oven) or a homemade cake! We received a few meals and cakes from wonderful friends with both our newborn baby experiences and it was so needed at that time.
Finding time and energy to cook in the early days with a newborn is so hard.
Rosie was a Christmas baby (born at home) and a special friend of ours left us a full christmas dinner with all the trimmings on our doorstep and texted us to let us know it was there. This was amazing and I’ll never forget it.

2- A Helping hand
If you truly want to bring a wonderful gift – the gift of physical help is a great idea. Parents to newborns are usually absolutely worn out and being a perfect host to guests really is the last thing they want to do at this time.
Simple daily tasks become hard when a new baby arrives.
A great gift would be to make the new parents drinks, tell them to sit down or even take a nap – while you watch baby (this actually would be the best gift!) take the bins out, fill the dishwasher, Hoover, do some laundry! Trust me, this will be a special gift that won’t be forgotten.
I’m forever grateful to my mum who did a lot of this stuff for us when both our babies were born.

3. Pamper treats
One of the best presents I received when Rosie was born was a mummy and baby bath set of gorgeous goodies from Neals yard. I had so many baths when recovering from both my births.
As I often bathed with baby too it was great to use these beautiful products and know they were made from natural and gentle ingredients.

4- A baby carrier.
My Hana baby wraps are probably my most favourite baby product! Popping your baby in a well fitting carrier/sling can be an amazing help to any new parent. They suddenly get their hands back and baby is usually a lot happier to be carried so close to their parents.
There are so many different wraps and carriers available.
Perhaps a voucher for a sling library session would be a good idea too (I know Nicola at the West Yorkshire Sling library sells vouchers) I can also vouch for her service. I’m testing out a few different slings from there at the moment. Click here to see my review about the service.
There are sling library’s all over the place. Try UK Sling Libraries website to find your nearest one.

5- Hana swaddle
Another of my favourite baby products is the Hana swaddle.
I discovered this fab swaddle pod when sent one to review on my blog. (See post here).
This swaddle really works in a gentle, non restrictive way. It’s soft, light, stretchy and breathable and baby Ruby seemed to love it.
I have just stopped using them now (at 15 weeks) as she has started to sleep longer without waking herself up with the startle reflex.

6- Raw organic Coconut oil
This would make a great gift as it has so many wonderful uses! See a list of uses here on the Wellness Mama blog.
I use coconut oil as a baby massage oil,on cradle cap, sore patches, in hand made creams, in cooking healthy cakes. The list is endless.I’m currently loving the Biona one.

7- Naty babycare nappies
Nappies are expensive but essential so I’m sure receiving some good quality nappies would be appreciated.
There are so many different brands of nappies out there but I’ve discovered there are not many gentle, Eco friendly disposable ones! My favourites are the Naty babycare ones.
Whenever I use a different brand I notice baby bottoms soon get sore and irritated (by all the nasty chemicals, glues and plastic bits used in other brands).
I am trying to use cloth nappies on some days – these are really lovely to use but I’m not sure they’d be every new parents cup of tea- as I find the added washing and sorting them out increases the chore list a bit – not ideal at times when it’s hard to keep on top of daily tasks.

8- Cheeky wipe kit
The cheeky wipes baby bottom kit would make a great gift. Saves buying endless supplies of baby wipes! See my review here.

9- Homeopathy kit / rescue remedy
I know homeopathy isn’t something that everyone is interested in but personally I love it! I know very little about it really but I’ve experienced homeopathy work it’s magic a few times on myself, my friends and my children.
I think the Helios basic kit would be a great gift. It comes in useful for so many things.
I’ve used my kit to help with morning sickness, Rosie’s teething, colds, injuries, hangovers (not mine!) and many more things.
I’d love to learn more about homeopathy and plan to do so in the future.

10- Myroo Babybalm
Myroo sell some beautiful products for babies. All natural, gentle and smell amazing! Check out a review of the products here.

11- Muslins cloths
You can never have too many of these! I get through loads. They have tonnes of uses, but I mainly use them to catch baby drool and sick! Nice.

12- Pamper voucher –
New parents need pampering. They are going through an overwhelming and life changing experience and I think pamper gifts would be a great idea. For example a voucher for a reflexology session at home (see the fabulous Lindsay’s service).
Or perhaps a massage, a manicure or a pedicure – I’m sure it would be a lovely idea to offer to help look after baby or siblings when the gift recipients choose to use their vouchers.

13 – Baby sleeping bags
These are great to use from about 6 months plus. I’m still using them with Rosie (now 2.5yrs).
Rosie is an extremely wriggly,  gymnastic type child – and I find her in all sorts of strange positions in her cot. But knowing she stays warm and isn’t kicking her covers off (or covering her head in them!) is something off the ‘worry list’.

14- Chocolate
Who doesn’t love chocolate? Stashes of delicious chocolate is an amazing treat to have when new babies arrive. I know I munched through loads of it whilst doing the endless night feeds. It kept my energy up and a smile on my face. (Any excuse to eat it)

15- Home made gifts
I personally love receiving home made gifts. It’s always lovely to think someone has put time and thought in to a personal gift.  We have been lucky enough to receive some beautiful knitted gifts for both our babies, that will be kept in their keepsake boxes forever. We also received a beautiful homemade flower arrangement when Ruby was born which I thought was a lovely idea.  Perhaps you could check out the Newborn gift ideas on Pinterest for some inspiration. (I’m addicted to Pinterest! Here’s my page.)

16- Champagne
Perfect for celebrating all the little milestones in a new baby’s journey.

17- A snuggly dressing gown
New parents often spend weeks in pjs. I found that having a lovely cosy dressing gown to pop on (in the middle of the night especially) felt really wonderful!

18- Food hamper
A great gift for anyone.
There are loads of different companies that sell food hampers or you could make your own for an extra special personal touch.

19- Time and Space
It’s overwhelming becoming a parent and the worst thing you can do is add stress to the situation by pressuring new parents to speak to them or visit them too soon.
We were really lucky with our friends and family, no one turned up without booking in a date and time with us first and they were all super understanding when we decided we didn’t want to see anyone else for a week after the birth.
When we did start having visitors we kept it to one a day and for short stints. I know this seems a little regimental but trust me, it helped a lot.
I met a lady recently who said she was inundated with people turning up to visit without prebooking, she found this really distressing and upsetting.
Being expected to talk and function as a human can be a tricky task sometimes in the early days.
Time, Space and no pressure to reply to calls, texts, emails etc is in my opinion a super thoughtful gift.

20- Help with siblings
If the new baby has siblings a wonderful gift would be you offering to help entertain them, play with them, take them to the park etc.
Helping to give space for new baby to have some one to one time with parents is a kind and generous gift.

Could you add to this list? I’d love to hear your ideas too.

Thanks for reading xx

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2 Responses to 20 Newborn Baby Gift ideas

  1. Really great blog Gemma! I find myself needing to buy new baby gifts on a monthly basis at the minute so your tip on food and chores is a great one. I recently bought my friend food from Cook which has homemade (almost) style healthy treats to fill the freezer for. Perfect for that emergency lasagne if you ever do get unexpected guests!

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