Wraps and swaddles by Hana Baby… plus a fab giveaway!

I’m a huge fan of carrying my babies in a Hana baby wrap.  The benefits to carrying a baby this way are endless!  It feels so wonderful having your little baby all snug next to your heart. To me it feels like the safest and most natural place  to have my precious little bundle.

Carrying 5 month Rosie in May 2014

Carrying baby Rosie in 2012

When Rosie was a baby she loved being in the wrap, I would pop her in it as much as possible. It was a sad day when I felt I could no longer carry her around (she was about 8 months) as I had problems with pelvic pain. I’m sure I’d still be carrying her in a the sling now if I’d been physically able too!

I was just a little bit giddy to order a new beautiful Hana sling for my new beautiful baby Ruby.  I chose a gorgeous purple this time, and I’ve worn it nearly everyday since Ruby was born.

3 week old Ruby 2014

Carrying baby Ruby last week

I find that if all else fails to calm a windy/wrestless/overtired Ruby  –  as soon as I pop her in the wrap she becomes a happy and relaxed baby once again (Rosie was exactly the same)  I love to see how quickly the look of pure contentment fills Ruby’s little face, staring at me with her beautiful eyes. Her little body relaxes and calms.  I treasure these moments.

The Hana baby wrap is made with a gorgeous soft and silky bamboo and organic cotton mix fabric. Its light and breathable, and it’s super comfortable.  I wear it for walking, doing chores, cooking,  playing with Rosie … anytime I can really!

I love to have skin to skin cuddles in it as much as possible and it’s a handy item to wear whilst breastfeeding.

Check out the website for a full list of the Hana baby wrap features.

Ruby testing out the swaddle pod

Ruby testing out the swaddle pod

When ordering my second Hana sling recently I emailed Melissa at Hana Baby to let her know I would be writing a little bit about how much I love their baby wraps. She responded promptly and to my delight she offered to send me one of their fabulous swaddle pods to try out and review on the blog!

We received the swaddle pod last week and I’ve used it for three nights now and I can honestly say it’s fantastic!  The fabric is gorgeous, its silky, soft, light and stretchy and feels snug but not tight against Ruby’s body.  She seems to love it too! She can still stretch out properly and move her legs and arms, but she can’t get her arms out to bop herself in the face (the startle reflex). I love the fact that it has a zip too – which can be opened from the bottom or the top.  It means I can change Ruby’s nappy in the night without too much disturbance.

Ruby all snug and happy

Ruby all snug and happy

I’ve tried several other swaddle type products, (one had really noisy velcro which woke baby!) and I’ve found that Ruby can get her hands out of any other type of swaddling I have tried. Rosie was also a super wriggly baby, and I wish I’d discovered the Hana swaddle pod for her!

Ruby looking happy and content in her cosy pod

Ruby looking happy and content in her cosy pod


Here are a few of the great bamboo features (text from the Hana Baby website):

  • The Hana swaddle envelops your baby in super soft and stretchy bamboo.
  • Bamboo fabric is cashmere soft, naturally anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic, making it the perfect choice for your baby. ·
  • Bamboo fabric is up to three times more breathable than cotton, and naturally helps to regulate your baby’s body temperature.
  • Bamboo fabric is thermo-regulating, keeping your baby cool on hot days and warm in colder weather.

I am definitely ordering more of these fab swaddle pods.  I’m not sure I want to risk causing a sleepless night without it!

Ruby fast asleep in the Swaddle pod

Ruby fast asleep in the Swaddle pod

I’m also adding the Hana swaddle pod to my list of things to recommend as a baby / new mummy gift. (… this could be an idea for another blog post maybe?!)

GIVEAWAY … Hana Baby have kindly offered up a Swaddle pod as a fab giveaway to one of ‘ Rosie and Ruby love … ‘ blog readers!

All you have to do is write in the comment box below: your choice of colour (see website here for colour options) and your preferred size (0-3 months or 3-6 months) I will pop all names in a hat and draw one out at random. The deadline to enter will be 4pm Friday 30th May 2014.

It would be great if you could share this post with your friends via facebook, twitter etc.

Thanks for reading! x





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13 Responses to Wraps and swaddles by Hana Baby… plus a fab giveaway!

  1. Gina Goldman says:

    I’d love to win a 3-6month pistachio pod. It looks so cosy

  2. Nazia afzal says:

    Pistachio. 0-3 months xx

  3. Jo says:

    Ooh! 3-6 months in pistachio please!

  4. Sal Henderson says:

    Great value as well compared with other products like this on the market!
    0-3 months and pistachio! Thanks Gemx

  5. Emily Davis says:

    This looks amazing!! Please let me know if you need anything trying out on twin babies!!!

    Pistachio 0-3 xx

  6. Natalie Hammond says:

    Looks cosy and snug and a great review Gemma. Pistachio 0-3 months x

  7. Jemma says:

    Lovely post Gemma and what a great give away! pistachio 0-3 please ☺️

  8. C Wakefield says:

    Pale pistachio 0-3mths please 🙂

  9. Great read Gemma! Would love to win a swaddle in Pistachio 0-3months – fingers crossed! xx

  10. Stéphanie bonety says:

    I would like the pistachio color in size 3~6 months please

  11. tomhandbury says:

    Was having a nosey at your blog . . . love the product reviews! This looks amazing and would love one for baby Handbury no. 2 (not yet in progress in case you’re wondering!) Off white in 0-3 months xx

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