Beautiful skincare products and a gorgeous Giveaway worth £25!!

The lovely products 'My Roo' sent me to try on Ruby!

The lovely products ‘My Roo’ sent me to try on Ruby! – (Photo- ©Gemma Leak Photography Ltd)

When I became a mum I also became more aware of all the harmful chemicals used in the products I was using every day. I’d previously paid little attention to the ingredients in cleaning products, detergents, skincare lotions etc.

Having new responsibilities as a parent I felt that I needed to start making a conscious effort to try and use more natural, eco friendly products wherever possible.  I was actually quite shocked to discover that many of the popular brands targeted as baby safe products are actually full of all the horrid kinds of chemicals I was trying to avoid!

I first discovered the Myroo skincare range when I met Rachael in 2010. The lovely Rachael (Founder of Myroo) has formulated some fabulous skin care products from natural ingredients that are gentle and super kind on the skin. Rachael originally began making skincare products for her children when she couldn’t find anything gentle enough for their sensitive skin. When Rachael’s friends tried her creations on their children and loved them too – Rachael soon decided to launch her fab Myroo company.

I bought a box full of  Myroo baby skincare goodies back in 2011 to use when Rosie was a baby and loved them. Rosie had sensitive eczema prone skin and the Myroo (also known as Milly and Flossy) products worked well for her. As Rosie has grown older her allergies seem to have calmed down but I am keen to carry on using natural products wherever possible.

Last week I received a gorgeous package of  ‘Myroo’ goodies to try out on my little baby Ruby! I was a little excited when the box of treats arrived.  Rachael sent me a baby soap, baby balm and a lavender baby milk bath to try. I can happily say I loved all three products!

My Roo Baby Balm

The lovely My Roo Baby Balm (Photo © Gemma Leak Photography Ltd)

The baby balm is wonderful, it smells lovely, feels soft and silky on the skin and works well for baby massage, dry bits, baby bums etc. (I may have used it on me too .. as it’s such a great moisturiser!) I’ve been using this on most nappy changes for the last few days.

 (Photo © Gemma Leak Photography Ltd)

(Photo © Gemma Leak Photography Ltd)

Last night I had a gorgeous soak in the bath with Ruby – the Baby Milk Bath has a subtle lavender scent and leaves the water feeling silky soft.  The soap is great too, I also tried this on Rosie when she jumped in to join us!

I would definitely recommend these products to other parents, I think they would also make wonderful new baby gifts. I will no doubt be buying from the Myroo range in the future. I’m quite keen to try some of the other products available to order through the website too! they all sound divine if you ask me. Myroo also have a facebook group. Please do pop along and ‘Like’ it if you can. (click here)

GIVEAWAY … worth £25!

If you would like a chance to win £25 worth of Myroo products all you have to do is write down the products you would like to win (of a value up to £25) in the comment box below. There are all sorts of brilliant products to choose from (not just baby products)To see the skincare products available visit the My Roo website  (click here).

On the 4th June at 4pm I will pop all the entry names in a hat and draw a winner. The winner will then receive their chosen products direct from Rachael at My Roo.

‘ A huge thanks to Rachael for this great giveaway! xx’

The baby soap shown in this review is not yet on the website but it is available to order at £4. The baby balm and baby milk bath are in the baby section on the My Roo website (they are shown as Milly & Flossy, but would be delivered with the new packaging on as shown in the photographs I have captured)

(Please note: I received the Myroo products for free for review purposes. All comments in this post are my own.)

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19 Responses to Beautiful skincare products and a gorgeous Giveaway worth £25!!

  1. Heather Pronk says:

    The baby balm might hopefully work on maisy she gets sore skin after swimming in the sea, I’ve tried everything. Also I love body butter so would be excited to try that ! I’m in uk in July so hope there’s a summer this year !!

  2. salina bowen says:

    I’d like to try the cleanser and the hand rescue
    Both for me as my baby is 11 but I have horrid eczema and I struggle to find anything to use which makes me feel good and doesn’t make my skin worse

  3. Jemma says:

    Both myself and toddler Zachary suffer with eczema so this would be a great product to try on his skin as he is so sensitive. Also have a newborn due in July so any of the baby products would be great for all of us! 😊

  4. Sal Henderson says:

    Great give away thanks, Gem. The lemon body butter looks heavenly, as does the baby balm and soap xx

  5. Sarah Comley says:

    The starflower and orange blossom skin boost serum sounds divine, as well as the bath fizz in citrus! Love a relaxing bath!

    The myroo products look fab!!

  6. SUZY ANGELUS says:

    Hi Gems – always looking for lovely beauty treatments and the

    starflower and orange blossom cloth and cleanser and the starflower and orange blossom skin boost facial serum both look scrumptious 😉 x

  7. Clare kerrigan says:

    They look lush! I would love to try the baby balm/lavendar bath xx what lovely products xxx

  8. Lori Fitzgerald says:

    The Mint Tea body scrub looks divine! I need this product in my life to keep me glowing even when I’ve had little sleep or I’m ‘running on empty’ ❤

  9. Lindsay Gale says:

    Hand treat geranium for me! my hands are soooooo in need of this!

  10. eme says:

    Hmmm I’d love to win the baby bath milk and the lemon body butter for myself!

  11. Sarah Askew says:

    I’d like to win the baby milk bath, baby balm and baby soap pleeeease. 🙂

  12. Linda Cafferkey says:

    Hi, I’d love to try the starflower and orange face serum, and the geranium hand treatment xxx

  13. Jay says:

    I’m user of Myroo products already. Love them 🙂
    If I was to be lucky in this giveaway, I’d love to try the starflower and orange blossom cleanser or serum.
    For my children’s hands after the harsh school soap or swimming bath trips, we love the geranium hand treat.

  14. Carole says:

    Hi Gem. I am in of a pamper! I would love to try the starflower and orange blossom serum and cleanser. X

  15. Jo says:

    These products sound wonderful. I’d like to try the floral bath fizz, the geranium hand treat and the baby soap (greedy).

  16. Frances says:

    Wow, what a delicious choice to choose from!
    I would love to try the Geranium hand cream as I suffer from Eczema and the starflower and orange blossom facial oil sounds divine!

  17. alison says:

    yummy… i can smell them from here! would love to try either body tea or may chang xxx

  18. Olga says:

    I would love starflower and orange blossom serum and geranium hand cream. Both sound amazing.

    • Congratulations Olga! Your name was pulled out of the hat! You have won your choice of products. I will let Rachael at Myroo know you’ve won. I’ll pass on your email address to her. She will just need your postal address and your prize will be on its way! X

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