Creative fun with Lightbulb Letters

Rosie loved getting stuck in to the Lightbulb Letter pack of goodies

Rosie loved getting stuck in to the Lightbulb Letter pack of goodies

A rainy day makes a perfect day for arts and crafts,  so today was the perfect day for opening the exciting parcel sent to Rosie from from Lightbulb Letters!

Rosies reaction to seeing the contents of the parcel was a great big “WOW!”


The contents of the May Lightbulb Letter pack

The contents of the May Lightbulb Letter pack

In our house we love to get the art box out – getting arty is Rosie’s favourite thing to do (just like it was mine when I was little- she’s a mini me really) But sometimes I find it a little tricky to think of original things to make, draw and create, especially when I have had very little sleep (which is usually most days!) or I’m multi tasking and doing too many things at once.

The Lightbulb letters May pack was sent to Rosie for free for review purposes and I honestly thought it was great, a box of fresh inspiration for Rosie and I.  We spent a good couple of hours creating things (which in toddler time is the equivalent of a week) and we still have other things left to get stuck in to when we next fancy trying some new ideas.


Each month the creators of Lightbulb letters create a new pack with a different theme, containing all you need for four crafts, plus doodle sheets and other bits and bobs (we needed to have our own glue, scissors and pens).  The may pack was a space theme which was fab. I loved the fact that each craft idea came with enough materials for both Rosie and I to attempt it. Rosie could watch me and follow what I was doing or she could do her own thing. I thought this was a great feature of the pack.

Together we created alien masks, Rockets, planets and a few different doodles and drawings.

Rosie's favourite craft was the alien mask making

Rosie’s favourite craft was the alien mask making

E42A7619I’m going to have to order more Lightbulb Letter packs now (for my uninspired days) … and it’s actually inspired me to get my thinking hat on and create better craft ideas of my own.

Check out the Facebook page for prices ( very reasonable they are too!) and for more detailed information.

E42A7621 E42A7631



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