Have you discovered Cheeky wipes? …



This week I’ve rediscovered my love for the fabulous ‘Cheeky wipes’.

Cheeky wipes are fantastic quality, washable baby wipe kits that save you a tonne of money, are gentle on baby bottoms, better for the environment and they smell amazing – What’s not to love!

The all in one kit is simple but brilliant.  You have a choice of wipes, I chose the bamboo and the terry towelling ones. They are super soft, and in my opinion they work so much better than disposable baby wipes. They remove the stubborn poop quickly and gently and you can usually do a proper clean up with just one baby wipe (compared to using 2 to 4 disposables!).

The kit comes with two boxes, ones a ‘mucky’ box and ones a ‘fresh’ box. You just pop some fresh water in each, and pop a few drops of your chosen essential oil blends in there too. You can order the oils from the Cheeky Wipes website – where you will see which ones they recommend for the different boxes.  You can fit about 25 wipes in the ‘fresh’ box and they stay fresh for a couple of days. You can also order a mesh bag for the ‘mucky’ box so you can simply lift the dirty wipes out and swiftly pop them in with your other washing.

If you are interested in finding out more about these fab kits, pop over to the Cheeky Wipes website

I used the kit when Rosie was a baby and loved it, and to be honest I’m not sure why I stopped. I think I just got a little lazy when she started using the potty more frequently, and found it easier to have packet’s of baby wipes in all rooms of the house. I really should have used the fab wet bag pouches that come with the kit! Anyway, having Ruby has given me the urge to start again with the Cheeky wipes. I’m determined to stop wasting so much money on disposable baby wipes.

I’m also thinking about investing in the ‘face and hand wipe kit‘  and perhaps the ‘Sanitary pad kit too’!

Do you use them already? Would love to hear some of your feedback and comments on the product.

Happy wiping!




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3 Responses to Have you discovered Cheeky wipes? …

  1. Kat says:


    I love love love my CW and wouldn’t be without them for my little boy.
    I have a set upstairs for bum and a different coloured set downstairs for hands and face.

    I’ve also just ventured into the world of Cheeky Mama CSP and tried them out for the first time this month – soooooo comfortable in comparison to sposies.

    Give it a whirl – you won’t regret it!

  2. Anna says:

    I love Cheeky Wipes too, so much so that our first set (2½ years old) are starting to get holey and threadbare! Like the idea of CSP but am currently a mooncup girl – well, will be once the breastfeeding tails off and I need to use one again anyway 🙂

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