A life lesson learnt. … Do you know First aid?

Yesterday I was given a huge reminder of how special everyday is, and how we need to treasure every moment with our children and the people we love.

I’m writing this blog post with tears in my eyes, and a huge feeling of relief that everything is now ok, but yesterday I had the most frightening experience I’ve ever had.

I really don’t want to go in to the details here as I need to shift some awful memories and visions out of my mind but all I do want to say is I realised yesterday how important it is that I do a first aid course. I don’t even remember the basics and when put to the test like I was yesterday I really had little idea of what to do and felt entirely useless and helpless.

I did a first aid course about 13 years ago when I worked briefly as a lifeguard but remembered very little about what I had learnt.

I’m going to look in to first aid courses today and I urge you all to do the same.

Have you done a first aid course? Can you recommend a course  in Yorkshire that would let me bring a baby along too? Or someone that could teach the basics on a one to one basis?




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3 Responses to A life lesson learnt. … Do you know First aid?

  1. Natalie Hammond says:

    Hope you and the family are ok Gemma. It’s definitely something I’ve thought about especially doing a course for babies and children. Will look into local courses to me. Take care xx

  2. Tanya Parker says:

    Sounds awful and hope all’s OK now. A group of us did a Red Cross baby and child first aid course when the children were babies which I’d really recommend. The red cross first aid app is also great xx

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