This 16 week growth spurt is lasting forever!


imageToday I am tired, actually that’s a total understatement … I’m feeling unbearably sleepy and absolutely worn out.

When expecting a baby you mentally get prepared to be really tired in the first few weeks – knowing that the baby will need feeding every 1 to 2 hours throughout the night.

Baby Ruby slept pretty well after the first few sleep depriving weeks but since turning 16 weeks old she has reverted back to needing feeding every 1 to 2 hours through the night!

I’ve recently learnt about the 16 week growth spurt that normally lasts anywhere between 1 to 5 weeks.  I’m not sure Ruby has read about these rules! She is going to be 21 weeks on Saturday and we’re still in the midst of this hourly waking up throughout the night. It’s exhausting but I’m determined to carry on breastfeeding.

I was disappointed that I only managed to breastfeed Rosie until she was 16 weeks. Like Ruby she suddenly started feeding every hour again throughout the night.

At that time I was  clueless about the common growth spurts and how they can temporarily affect feeding routines. I just thought I wasn’t making enough milk and that Rosie would be more fulfilled with formula. So sadly I quit breastfeeding and began the formula feeding. This brought about a whole new range of problems due mainly to a cows milk intolerance which caused eczema and tummy problems.

Rosie continued to wake frequently throughout the night until she was about 16 months old. (She’s now a wonderful sleeper)

Right now it’s 8.49pm and I’m thinking I really should get to sleep. Secretly hoping that tonight will be the night that I get at least a three hour stint of shut eye!

I know that as soon as I turn of my phone (that’s my blogging device) my head will fill up with questions about how I can get baby Ruby to sleep longer without a feed.  Maybe I should move her to a cot? Maybe her own room? Maybe try her with solids? Maybe wake her up when she naps? Or maybe and more realistically I will just ride this sleep torture out and trust that I’m doing what’s best for my baby. After all .. Mother knows best right? …

Thanks for reading my rather random ramblings.

Wishing you all a wonderful nights sleep xx


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5 Responses to This 16 week growth spurt is lasting forever!

  1. Sal says:

    Gem, you must be exhausted but go easy on yourself, you’re doing an absolutely amazing jobxxx

  2. Ip scarrott says:

    I feel your pain Gemma!! Ben literally stopped waking up every 2 hours about 2 weeks ago and before that I felt constantly drugged! It’s hard to stop obsessing about how possibly you could change the cycle and prob true that’s it’s all just a (very long!) phase. Hope the longer stint you had last night continues!!x

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